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New exhibition!

We are so glad to announce our first exhibition:

An open archive of architecture publications


A PRINT is a collection, an open archive and an exhibition of independent architecture publications and zines. The ambition is to promote and showcase alternative publications for innovative commentary and criticism on architecture.

These publications are an important contribution to the architectural discourse, allowing for independent, mainly non-profit, editors to cover a broader range of topics than what is custom in conventional architectural magazines.

The titles showcased in A PRINT represent more than ten different countries. Some focuses on one single phenomena or person, others are a collection of thoughts on a larger theme. No matter what the subject of the print is they all have something in common, that being that they are striving to bring something new to the discipline.

During three weeks, the exhibition A PRINT can be seen at Södra Larmgatan 7 in Gothenburg.

Follow the event on Facebook @studionock.

//Studio NOCK

A PRINT poster by Rickard Jakobsson