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We've been granted support

Studio NOCK has been granted support from Region Västra Götaland’s Cultural Affairs committee. We are so grateful for the support as it give us the possibility to keep working with an investigative practise and the privilege to strive for progress rather than profit.

A PRINT May 10-28


The exhibition is now closed on Södra Larmgatan. Thank you everyone who came!

Moving in

Moving in to our place

Now it is time to build the exhibition! Big thanks you to the people behind Our Legacy for allowing us to rent this amazing space.

// Studio NOCK

Busy preparing A PRINT

Hanging posters for A PRINT

We are busy with the preparations for the exhibition A PRINT.

While waiting for it to open, have a look at the publications that will be showcased:

New exhibition!

We are so glad to announce our first exhibition:

An open archive of architecture publications


Studio NOCK's first post

Hi! Studio Nock is an independent gallery project. We want to showcase ideas and work that can influence and inspire the architectural discourse. The project will function as a platform where good projects can be shown and great ideas can be heard. We will look for content in Sweden and abroad. We will collect material from the archives, present new talents and discuss visions. We strive to establish contact with as many fields as possible and we want to connect people that can reach further in a collaboration.